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Services - Drafting and Design in Rockhampton and Central Queensland

Plan-A-Building can provide you with a range of services across all scales.

We cater to large scale commercial projects providing long-term advice and support, as well as minor residential redesigns on modest budgets.

We can also provide a range of other drafting and design in Rockhampton and Central Queensland to suit specific needs.

Commercial Building Design

Commercial Designs

From original concept right through to completion, Plan-A-Building can provide you with the expert advice and drafting services to ensure your commercial project arrives on time and on budget.

We can take your original ideas and concepts and turn them into fully realised Blueprints and Materials Specifications as well as assisting you through the process.

  • We make sure all requirements, codes and laws are met so there isn't additional stress on your end. 
  • Timely advice and drafting services 
  • Professional services completed by expert draftsmen
  • From point A to point B, we get the job done, done fast and done right the first time.
Resident Blueprints

Residential Services

Plan-A-Building can also provide you with the assistance you need to realise any residential projects and plans.

Whether you are looking for a detailed interior plan of your home or looking to create a unique and stylised structure of your own.

We can provide you with the helpful advice and expert planning to transform your dream home into a reality.

  • Our work meets all necessary legal, neighborhood and customer specific requirements and reccomendations. 
  • We understand you may have an idea but may not know how to execute that idea. Let us help you move forward on the right foot.
  • Building a home is stressful. Relax, we got this.
Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings

We can also provide you with a range of other technical drawings tailored to fit the specific needs of individual projects.

Our professional draftsmen can draw on a wealth of knowledge across a range of design and engineering industries to create drafting and design in Rockhampton and Central Queensland to match your exact specifications and give you unique advice to ensure your project reaches completion.

  • Building designer (not just home or office)
  • Quality drafting services on time and done right
  • Custom designer to fit your needs
  • An informative, professional and realistic brainstormer - please come to us with any questions
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