Quality Drafting Services

QBCC Number: 57924

  • Blueprints Tailored For Your Fit
  • Material Specifications List
  • Detailed Plans For Interior Spaces
  • Expert Design And Engineering Advice

The Experts

Our expert draftsmen are much more than drawing artists or computer illustrators. In order to provide you with the highest quality service, Plan-A-Building has brought together a team of highly trained and highly experienced individuals.

The services and advice received from our draftsmen is founded with expert knowledge in the fields of engineering, design and construction ensureing that you get practical and professional designs and the very best advice available.

For any service or advice about your next project, contact our professionals and start receiving the right advice the first time and avoid wasting time and money on impractical designs.

Plan-A-Building Experts

The Service

At Plan-A-Building we can meet all your drafting requirements. For commercial, industrial or residential services, we provide:

  • Blueprints tailored to your requirements
  • Material specifications for all types of structures
  • Detailed plans for interior spaces
  • Expert design and engineering advice
Our dedicated team also provide a range of other technical drawing service to fit unique requirements. All of our drafting services in North Rockhampton are carried out with the utmost dedication to detail and designed with a focus on your individual needs, paying special attention to your unique style.
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Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality

For both commercial and residential projects, Plan-A-Building will provide you with the very best drafting services in Rockhampton and Central Queensland to help turn your ideas and designs into reality.

Our dedicated team of professional draftsmen can provide you with expert advice and designs of buildings and structures for all purposes as well as detailed drafting of interior spaces.

Turn Dream Into Reality
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